Elvi's Telcomm

Products and Services: 


We work on almos every Telephone system in the market, From the Old 1A2 Phone systems up to the new VoIP and SIP sytems. From AT&T / Lucent / Avaya, Merlin, Partner, ACS, Legend now they added the Norstar Line of Products such as Norstar CICS, MICS and BCM. Comdial, Executone, ESI, The  3 Com  Products /Now HP/  The NBX100,

V1000, V3000,VS , Fujitsu/Focus/SBIS/Starlog 196, 960, 9600, Siemens, Toshiba, NEC/Tie/Nitsuko,  Iwatsu, Allworks, Shoretel, just to mention some of them.

Design and Implementaion:


We can run statistics on your existing telephone system and custom recommend a new Telephone system with Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, Call Center, Paging, "Whispering page by zones, by groups or by individuals,

Custom Routing for Your incoming calls, custom message delivery notification by email, by cell phone or by blind transfer. We can custom build a UCS(Unified Communication system) Where all calls, fax and instant message will pop up on your PC, Iphone, Tablet, etc.

Think of us:


When you are planning a new or update/upgrade your communication system, "think of us", we will run a study of your activities Vs. Incoming, outgoing calls, faxes, emails and we can recommend what you need and how it will benefit you. No going around, simple. no hidden costs, all at front.



You get WHAT you pay for:


Have you heard that before.......That is correct, you go looking for the best deal and at the end you will pay much more, It is true the world is full of them. Come by or email us what you need and what are you looking for and we'll give you options and pricesa at front.